At MyIVF, we are challenging the shape of IVF in Australia to provide affordable low intervention fertility treatment without compromise. The cost of our treatment, our exclusive online tool MYCYCLE that means you stay involved and connected throughout the process, and the science that we use, means we’re a little different from other fertility clinics.


How we’re different?

Cost We understand that the cost of IVF means for many people it’s just not possible to access treatment. So at MyIVF, we are committed to providing a lower cost service for low intervention IVF/ICSI treatments – making it a smart choice for your family.

We offer an average saving of around $2,000 on a standard IVF cycle, so the final out-of-pocket expense for your IVF cycle can cost just $1,300. And with a $0 upfront initial consultation with one of our IVF Treatment Coordinators, there’s never been a better time to make an appointment and get started. MyIVF is able to provide affordable IVF through low intervention and by using local anaesthesia, and is supported by the expertise of the Monash IVF Group.

Convenience At MyIVF we believe it’s important to feel empowered and in control of your fertility journey. By giving you access to our personalised online application tool, MyCYCLE, you can move at your own pace throughout the journey and stay connected – and supported – whenever you need.

Science It’s more than just the low cost and convenience that we provide it’s the proven science. MyIVF is unlike many other low-cost fertility clinics in the country in that we routinely use an extended embryo culture for all patients. Leading medical evidence has shown this results in higher pregnancy rates when compared with embryo culture techniques of a shorter duration.

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