The cost of IVF means that for many people, fertility treatment is just not an option. So at MyIVF, we’re changing this by providing affordable IVF that doesn’t compromise on quality.

With an average saving of around $3,000 on a standard IVF cycle, your final out-of-pocket expense for your first cycle costs just $1,378 (if you’ve reached the Medicare Safety Net threshold). And with a $0 upfront initial consultation with one of our IVF Treatment Coordinators, there’s no financial commitment to chat to one of our team members and find out your options. MyIVF is able to provide affordable IVF through low intervention and reduced hospital costs by using local anaesthesia.

Book your free consultation with a MyIVF Fertility Nurse and get all your questions answered.

Below is a breakdown of the final out-of-pocket expenses for treatment at MyIVF.

MyIVF Fertility Assessment and Investigation

Consultation and advice Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire


MyIVF Treatment Plan

Consultation and fertility treatment plan with MyIVF Doctor

$141 - 180

IVF Cycle

Initial Cycle


Subsequent Cycle (same calendar year)



Initial Cycle or Subsequent Cycle (same calendar year)


The pricing listed for IVF cycles (in the same calendar year) is based on reaching the Medicare Safety Net threshold. It is important to register for the Medicare Safety Net as it is not automatic. Patients should check their personal circumstances with Medicare to determine out-of-pocket costs. Final out-of-pocket cost is based upon the full Medicare rebate and Extended Medicare Safety Net rebate being received. If you have NOT reached the Extended Medicare Safety Net, your final out-of-pocket cost will be up to $2,333 - $2,637 for IVF/ICSI cycle and $1,804 for a FET cycle. Hospital costs are not included in these prices.

We understand becoming pregnant can be a difficult journey and adding finances into the picture can be overwhelming when looking into the costs of IVF. We have teamed up with Zip to make the cost of IVF less cumbersome by allowing you to spread the cost of IVF over a 12 month period, interest free*.
Learn more about using ZIP pay for IVF.

At MyIVF, we understand that IVF cost and paying for fertility treatment can sometimes feel like an unachievable goal. As a result, we are pleased to promote SuperCare, an Australian Government initiative that assists individuals and families in accessing their superannuation to cover medial costs, such as fertility treatment. SuperCare’s consultants will provide assistance to patients every step of the way. Learn more about how SuperCare can help you here.

*Initial blood tests and scans outside of MyIVF treatment are not included.

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